Chakras and the Tree of Life

and their Relation to the Subtle Bodies

Seven levels can be identified on the Tree of Life, like the rungs of a ladder. From a certain perspective, these can be related to the Sat Chakras of Yoga and to the Subtle Bodies of Theosophy.

The two outer pillars of the Tree of Life can be compared to the two major energy channels of Yoga, Ida and Pingala; which in turn relate to the feminine and masculine forces, or Yin and Yang, of Taoism.


The Middle Pillar represents the perfect balance of these forces, the Tao itself or the Sushumna energy channel.

In all these systems we can see at work the dual processes of involution, the Divine influence reaching down into the material world to give life and form to the essential human nature, and of evolution, the progressive refinement of the human spirit that will in time bring us back closer to God.

Tree of Life
Keter Sahasrara
Soul Body
Khokmah & Binah Ajna
Intuitive Body
Khesed & Gevurah Vishudda
Mental Body
Tifaret Anahata
Astral Body
Netzakh & Hod Manipura
Etheric Body
Yesod Svadhisthana
Physical Body
Malkut Muladhara
Sat Chakras Image from the Mirror of India website

The exact relationship between the levels of the Tree of Life, the Chakras and the Subtle Bodies is open to some debate; however, the above system will be found useful for most purposes.

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