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Day 11 - Göteborg to København

A relatively leisurely day; the morning spent breakfasting, packing, and taking a last little look around the part of Göteborg near the hotel. Then off to the station, with a little time to spare for last minute shopping, before catching our lunchtime train.

8th August: 1240 Göteborg to København: 350km

Swedish flag Danish flag
X2000 at Göteborg X2000 - interior

First class on the X2000 train is again fairly quiet. Apart from ourselves and a couple of short distance passengers, there is a group of four American tourists travelling to København, with masses of luggage. There is ample space to stow it all away, however.

Once again, we enjoy a very nice snack, with liberal supplies of drinks and chocolates. The weather is gloomier today; a lot of cloud around, a little rain and, as we head south, a mist over the sea preventing us from seeing the coast of Denmark on the other side of the Kattegat. But even such stark, atmospheric views can be quite fascinating when viewed from the interior of a warm, comfortable railway carriage.

Our late afternoon arrival in København is just a few minutes late, owing to signalling problems near the airport. Our hotel is supposed to be just 5 minutes walk from the station; what they neglect to mention is that it is at least another 5 minutes, if not more, from the isolated and remote platform 6B where our train arrives, just to get to the main part of the station!

But there is a friendly welcome for us at the hotel, another comfortable room for us to settle in to, then it is time to go out for a meal. There are plenty of eateries to choose from; we settle for a highly recommended French style establishment on the corner of the main square, opposite the town hall. It turns out to be every bit as good as we have been led to believe.

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