Light Rail, Metros and Trams

(outside London)

Nottingham Tram
Nottingham Tram in Old Market Square at night
Photo © 2004 Nottingham Tram Consortium

Cities of the UK outside London have adopted very different approaches to urban transit, although several now have rail based solutions. The modern Light Rail Rapid Transit system comes in many guises, from something almost resembling a conventional railway with segregated tracks and platforms, to street running trams, and various hybrids of the two systems in between. Most of the systems below are new in the last few decades. Some of them operate over former railway tracks. Blackpool is unique in the UK in having retained its original seafront tramway route, now modernised, for over a century.

Transit systems currently operating in the UK are:

Proposed system:

Work is expected to commence on an initial 1.3km section of the above line in 2018, with projected opening in 2019.

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