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Names in Spanish and Basque

In the Pais Vasco region of Spain, Basque names usually predominate, though there are exceptions. In some cases the Castilian forms are no longer officially recognised; these are shown in italics in the tables below. Some localities now have official names which include both Castilian and Basque forms; in these cases both are shown on signage.

In Navarra, although many localities have officially recognized Basque names, the Castilian form usually predominates. Where a Basque name exists but is not officially recognized, it is shown in italics in the tables below.

One station in France (Hendaye, the only French station served by the Basque regional operator Euskotren) is included. The station is also served by SNCF. Signage is almost exclusively in French.

Español Euskara Français
Hendaya Hendaia Hendaye
Euskotren Euskotren    Euskotran Euskotran    Renfe Renfe    Renfe Cercanias Renfe Cercanias Renfe Feve Renfe Feve   
Metro Bilbao Metro Bilbao    SNCF SNCF    Steam Train Steam Train    Funicular Funicular

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