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Cloister at Kew Bridge Steam Museum
1891 0-4-0 Hunslet saddle tank locomotive "Cloister"
at the former Kew Bridge Steam Museum (now the London Museum of Water & Steam).
(Photo: Hampshire Narrow Gauge Railway Society)
Acton Miniature Railway
7¼ in (184 mm) gauge miniature railway at the Acton Depot of the London Transport Museum. Operates only when the Depot is open for special events. Steam and battery electric hauled.
Barking Park Light Railway
Barking. Line about 350 yards (320 m) in length. 7¼ in (184 mm) gauge, diesel and battery electric hauled.
Brockwell Park Miniature Railway
Herne Hill. Line about 240 yards (220 m) in length. 7¼ in (184 mm) gauge, steam, petrol and battery electric hauled.
Hampton & Kempton Waterworks Railway
railway recreating the former Metropolitan Water Board Railway at Kempton Park (adjoining Kempton Steam Museum). Line currently about 300 yards (280 m) in length, extension proposed to Hydes Field, about 1½ miles (2.6 km); possible future extension to Hampton, a total of about 3 miles (5 km). 2 ft (610 mm) gauge, Usually steam hauled.
Harrow & Wembley Society of Model Engineers
Roxbourne Park, Eastcote. Line about 700 yards (630 m) in length. 3½ in (89 mm) / 5 in (127 mm) / 7¼ in (184 mm) gauge, steam and battery electric hauled.
London Museum of Water & Steam
Museum centred around a former water pumping station in Brentford has a 2 ft (610 mm) gauge railway 200 yards (183 m) in length, steam hauled. Demonstration line only, passengers not carried.
Mail Rail
The British Postal Museum & Archive is opening a new museum in central London which, when completed, will include access to Mail Rail, the automated underground narrow gauge railway that formerly carried mail between various London sorting offices and major rail stations.
Ruislip Lido Railway
Water’s Edge station (Reservoir Road, Ruislip) to Woody Bay: 1¾ miles (2.8 km). 12 in (305 mm) gauge, steam and diesel hauled.
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