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Port of Sassnitz
Baltic Port Rail Mukran locomotives at work in the Port of Sassnitz

Port of Sassnitz

Sassnitz is a city on the Baltic coast of Germany with a large port facility. It handles container traffic and road vehicle ferries to many Baltic ports as well as a train ferry to Russia. The train ferry carries Russian gauge (1520mm) vehicles, which are handled on the port’s own 1520mm gauge network prior to transhipment or gauge changing.

Bird’s Flight Line

A train ferry operates on the Vogelfluglinie (Bird’s Flight Line) from Hamburg to Copenhagen between Puttgarden (Germany) and Rødby (Denmark). Unusually, it carries passenger trains. There are plans to replace it with fixed link.

Other Port Railways

The ports listed here have their own rail infrastructure. Most have their own rail operators, at least for internal shunting, although National Network operators bring traffic to and from the ports.

Industrial Railways

Test Track


Once numerous small railways constructed for various purposes in the countryside. Those listed here retain their original purpose.

Construction Railways

Military Installations

Most of the military installations in the country have been served by rail in the past. Not all of those that still exist have retained their rail connections. This section lists those installations believed to have an active internal rail network or connection to the national network at the time of writing. None of the referenced websites contain details of rail transportation.

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