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Chepe Express
The Chepe Express on one of the spectacular viaducts of its route

The first railway in Mexico opened in 1850 between Veracruz and El Molino, a distance of 11.5km. It was built to standard (1435mm) gauge, which was also used for most subsequent railway development in the country.

The national network has been privatised is operated by several companies. Passenger services are for the most part confined to a number of tourist routes but there are plans for new services, most notably the proposed mixed traffic Tren Maya link to Cancun. Tenders were invited and construction is expected to start in 2020 on the 956km route between Palenque and Cancun via Valladolid. An alternative route via Bacalar (for Chetumal) is planned for a later date.

There are a number of international connections for freight with the United States of America. A former link with Guatemala is out of use, but may be reinstated at some time in the future.

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