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The RAF base on the island of Masirah in the Indian Ocean was served by a narrow gauge railway network from the Second World War until the 1960s. It was maintained in working order and saw occasional use until 1977, when the base and the island were handed over to the Omani government.

Al Hoota Cave Railway
Al Hoota Cave Railway

There were no other railways in Oman until the Al Hoota (or Al Hotta) Cave opened to the public as a show cave in 2006. The complex has a narrow gauge railway linking the visitor centre with the cave entrance. New electric trains were introduced in 2011.

In 2013, a company was established to manage the development of a new standard (1435mm) gauge rail network of over 2000km. However, little progress appears to have been made and plans in the UAE for a line to connect with the Oman network have been shelved.

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