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The first railway in Togo opened in 1905 between Lome (Lomé) and Anecho (Aného), a distance of 45km. The gauge chosen was metre gauge, typical for a German colonial railway of the time. The same gauge was used for subsequent expansion.

The state railway system of Togo closed in 1999, and with it all passenger services ceased. A section of line between Lomé and Blitta remained in use to serve a cement works until the early 20th century. A privately owned railway serving phosphate mines remains in use.

In early 2014, a new 20km metre gauge railway opened between Lomé and Adétikopé, the first section of a line to Cinkassé on the border with Burkina Faso. Later the same year, a 3km branch was opened from Lomé to Aflao, Ghana.

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