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Chemin de Fer Touristique du Rhin
Chemin de Fer Touristique du Rhin
(Photo © CFTR)

Ø year round service; seasonal (mainly summer); Δ seasonal (mainly winter); § regular service trains on lines of special tourist interest
V (vapeur) steam locomotives; D diesel locomotives; A (autorails) diesel railcars; E electric
N standard gauge (1435mm); M metre gauge (1000mm); E other narrow gauge (E60 600mm, E50 500mm, ...)
R with rack throughout, r with rack sections

Chemin de Fer Forestier d’Abreschviller
VDE70(!) Abreschviller to Grand Soldat (6km) (Site in French)
Tourisme Ferroviaire de la Brie Champenoise à l'Omois
AN project to introduce a tourist railcar service on the SNCF/VFLI freight line between Mézy (Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie) and Montmirail (25.7km) (Site in French)
Train de la Canner
VAN Vigy to Hombourg-Budange (12km) (Site in French)
Chemin de Fer Touristique du Rhin
VN Vogelsheim (Neuf Brisach) to Sans-Souci (15km), on a private freight line following the banks of the Rhine. An option of a round trip leaving Vogelsheim by train and returning from Sans-Souci by river boat is offered.
Chemin de Fer Touristique du Sud des Ardennes
AN Attigny to Challerange (30.8km) or Attigny to Amagne (9.5km) on the SNCF freight line. Both sections may be travelled in a single day. Occasional excursions are offered to other destinations (Site in French)
Train Thur Doller
VN Cernay Saint-André to Sentheim (13.6km)
Chemin de Fer du Val de Passey
xVE60 Malzeville: line about 1km in length. x Open to the public on certain days only, but may be visited on other days by prior arrangement
Maginot Line
EE60 several of the forts of the Maginot line were equipped with extensive underground railways, which may be visited today:


Vélorail de la Meuse
Ø Consenvoye to Forges sur Meuse (3km) (Site in French)
Cyclorail des Trois Vallées
Chantraines to Bologne or Chantraines to Andelot, a total of 15km (No website located at present)
Vélorail du Val de Mortagne
Ø Magnières to Deinviller (3km) or Magnières to Haudonville (12km). It is possible to cover both sections in a single day (Site in French)
Les Vélorails de Vigy
Vigy to Aboncourt (9km). A shorter option is available (Site in French)
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