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Tourist and Minor Railways


Chemin de Fer de la Mure
Chemin de Fer de la Mure
(Photo © Alain Mionnet)

Ø year round service; seasonal (mainly summer); Δ seasonal (mainly winter); § regular service trains on lines of special tourist interest
V (vapeur) steam locomotives; D diesel locomotives; A (autorails) diesel railcars; E electric
N standard gauge (1435mm); M metre gauge (1000mm); E other narrow gauge (E60 600mm, E50 500mm, ...)
R with rack throughout, r with rack sections

VAN tourist trains on the RFF freight line between Courpière and Sembadel. The total length of line is 78km, but most trains make shorter journeys, typically Ambert to Arlanc or Ambert to La Chaise Dieu. Also available for private charter (Site in French, English section had no content when last checked)
Les Arcs
ΔFunicular Bourg Saint Maurice to Arc 1600
Chemin de Fer de la Mure
EM Saint Georges de Commiers to La Mure (30km). Currently not operating following a landslip in 2010, but reopening projected (No website located at present)
Chemin de Fer Touristique d’Anse
VDAE38(15") Anse, Avenue de la Libération to Le Colombier (2.5km) (Site in French)
Chemin de Fer du Haut Rhône
VDE60 Montalieu Vercieu to Sault-Brenaz (4km) (Site in French)
Compagnie du Mont Blanc
Two railways serving the Mont Blanc area:
Dôme Express
ØFunicular the base station Les Glaciers is already more than 1500m above the resort of Les Deux Alpes. From this altitude of 3200m the underground line rises a further 220m to Dôme de Puy Salié, making it the highest funicular in France (Site contains little information relating to the funicular)
Funiculaire du Capucin
ØFunicular Le Mont Dore (Site in French)
Funiculaire du Perce-Neige
ØFunicular underground from Val Claret (near Tignes) to the Grande Motte cablecar base station (Site contains little information relating to funicular)
Gentiane Express
AN Riom-ès-Montagnes to Lugarde (Site in French)
Le Mont Blanc Express
اEMr Saint Gervais les Bains - Le Fayet to Martigny, Switzerland (Saint Gervais to le Châtelard - Frontière 36.6km, Frontière to Martigny 18.1km) (Site in French)
Musée de la Mine de Noyant d’Allier
DE60 mining museum with a 1.4km railway using former mining equipment (Site in French)
Le Panoramique des Dômes
ØEMR rack railway from the outskirts of Clermont-Ferrand to the summit of Puy de Dôme, rising through around 580m in its 5km length. The greater part of the route follows that of an earlier railway, closed since 1926 (Site in French)
Saint Hilaire du Touvet
Funicular Saint Hilaire du Touvet is on the N90 about 2km north of Le Touvet (Site in French)
Train de l’Ardèche
VDM Tournon - Saint to Lamastre (33km). Not all trains cover the entire line.
Train des Gorges de l’Allier
DN Langeac to Langogne (66.5km). Shorter trips are available. Special train provided by SNCF on a line also used by regular passenger services (Site in French)
Train Touristique des Monts du Lyonnais
VDN Saint-Foy-l’Argentière to L’Arbresle (19km) on the SNCF freight line. Out of service since 2012, proposed for reopening when a new locomotive is acquired (Site in French)
Velay Express
VAM Saint Agrève to Raucoules (27 km) (Site in French)


Vélorail du Bourbonnais
Noyant d’Allier (next to Mining Museum) to Forêt de Messarges, 5km (Site in French)
Vélorail du Cézallier
various options from 3km to 12km, departing from Landeyrat or Allanche (Site in French)
Vélorail Descente des Gorges du Doux
Ø Boucieu le Roi to Pont Duzon (12 km). The outward (downhill) journey is made by Vélorail, the return journey by historic diesel railcar
Pédalorails du Grand Pays de Salers
Drignac-Ally, trips of various lengths in pedal powered or electrically assisted draisines towards Branzac (Site in French)
Cyclo-draisines du Haut Rhône
E60 Montalieu Vercieu to Sault-Brenaz (4km) on the line of the Chemin de Fer du Haut Rhône (Site in French)
Pédalorails des Lacs
Nieudan to Saint Santin Santalet, 9.5km (Site in French)
Les draisines du pays de Mauriac
Mauriac to Drugeac, 10.5km. Shorter options are available (Site in French)
Vélorail du pays de Pradelles
Pradelles to Landos and Pradelles to the border of Lozère, near Langogne, a total line length of about 15 km; shorter options are available (Site in French)
Vélorail de la Sioule
from les Penauds, le Mayet-d’École, to Viaduc des Paraudes (8km) or Gannat (5km). The two sections may be combined (Site in French, link to English section not functional when last checked)
Vélorail du Velay
Dunières to Lichemiaille, 7.5km. A shorter option is available (Site in French)
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