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Train Touristique de la Sarthe (Transvap)
Steam locomotive and railcar at Connerré-Beillé
(Photo Rail86)

Ø year round service; seasonal (mainly summer); Δ seasonal (mainly winter); § regular service trains on lines of special tourist interest
V (vapeur) steam locomotives; D diesel locomotives; A (autorails) diesel railcars; E electric
N standard gauge (1435mm); M metre gauge (1000mm); E other narrow gauge (E60 600mm, E50 500mm, ...)
R with rack throughout, r with rack sections

Chemin de Fer Touristique de la Sarthe
VAN Connerré-Beillé to Bonnétable (17km). In addition to regular services, trains may be chartered (Site in French)
Chemin de Fer de la Vendée
VAN Mortagne-sur-Sèvre to Les Herbiers (22km). A dining car is provided on some services, for which advance reservation is essential (Site in French)
La Mine Bleue
E?; Funicular museum of slate mining at Noyant-la-Gravoyère with a narrow gauge underground railway, connected to the surface by a 160m funicular (Site in French)
Le Petit Train de Semur-en-Vallon
DE60 Semur-en-Vallon, village to railway museum (3km) (Site in French)
Le Tortillard
DE60 from the Parc d'Attractions de Pierre Brune (Mervent), a 2.5km line through the forest of Mervent, with steam outline diesel locomotives (Site in French, little information regarding the railway)
Le Transpapéa
DE40 in the Wild West area of the Papéa Parc (on the outskirts of Le Mans), a 2.5km miniature line with steam outline diesel locomotives (Site in French)


Vélorail Commequiers
Commequiers to Coëx (10km) (Site in French, unsolicited audio on website)
Vélorail de Saint Loup du Gast
Saint Loup du Gast to Ambrières les Vallées (3km) (Site in French)
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