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Tourist and Minor Railways


Train Touristique Étretat Pays de Caux
Train Touristique Étretat Pays de Caux station at Les Loges
(Photo Rail86)

Ø year round service; seasonal (mainly summer); Δ seasonal (mainly winter); § regular service trains on lines of special tourist interest
V (vapeur) steam locomotives; D diesel locomotives; A (autorails) diesel railcars; E electric
N standard gauge (1435mm); M metre gauge (1000mm); E other narrow gauge (E60 600mm, E50 500mm, ...)
R with rack throughout, r with rack sections

Chemin de Fer de la Vallée de l'Eure
operates two sections of line: Total length 19km (both sections). In addition to scheduled services, trains can be chartered at any time of year. A dining car is provided on certain services (Site in French)
La LocoLézarde
اAN Le Havre to Rolleville (12.6km). Spoken commentary by a guide on some services during the summer (Site in French)
Mini Train des Marais
DAE18.4 (7¼inch) & E12.7 (5inch) at the Base Touristique Centre Manche, about 5km south east of Périers. Miniature railway with a circuit of about 1.5km
Train Touristique du Cotentin
DN Carteret to Portbail (10km) (Site in French)
Train Touristique Étretat Pays de Caux
DAN Les Loges to Étretat (5km) (Site in French)


Train Touristique Étretat Pays de Caux
Les Loges to Étretat (5km) on the route of the tourist train, with an option of a one way journey returning by train (Site in French)
Vélorail des Andaines
Two sections: Bagnoles de l'Orne to la Ferté Macé (6km) and Couternes to Méhoudin (3km)
Vélorails des Collines Normandes
Pont Erambourg to Pont d’Ouilly (6.5km) (Site in French)
Vélorail de Condé-sur-Vire
Condé-sur-Vire to Gourfaleur (5.5km)
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