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Tourist and Minor Railways

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Le Train des Pignes
Le Train des Pignes
steam hauled train on the Chemins de Fer de Provence
(Photo © José Banaudo)

Ø year round service; seasonal (mainly summer); Δ seasonal (mainly winter); § regular service trains on lines of special tourist interest
V (vapeur) steam locomotives; D diesel locomotives; A (autorails) diesel railcars; E electric
N standard gauge (1435mm); M metre gauge (1000mm); E other narrow gauge (E60 600mm, E50 500mm, ...)
R with rack throughout, r with rack sections

Chemins de Fer de Provence
ØAM; VM Nice to Digne les Bains (90km). Le Train des Pignes steam train operates on summer Sundays over the 20km section between Puget-Théniers and Annot, connecting with services from Nice
Le Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat
Funicular a private funicular links the hotel with the Club Dauphin restaurant on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea
Le Petit Train de Méjanes
ØDE60 Méjanes (in the Camargue, about 8km south east of Albaron), a circuit of about 3.5km on the shores of l'Étang du Vaccarès. Steam outline diesel locomotives (Site in French, contains few details relating to railway)
Le Train de la Côte Bleue
اAN Marseille to Miramas (32km) (Site in French)
Le Train des Merveilles
اAN Nice to Tende (71.4km). Spoken commentary by a guide on some services during the summer (Site in French)
Train Touristique du Centre Var
AN Carnoules to Brignoles (24km) over the SNCF freight line (Site in French)


Vélorail de Haute Provence
Ø Pourcieux to St Maximin (7.5 km) (Site in French)
Vélorail de la Sainte Baume
Ø Mallemoisin to Champtercier (5 km) (Site in French)
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