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The only railways in the island group were on the main island of Trinidad. The very first line was a horse drawn tramway from Princes Town to San Fernando, opened in 1859. The first railway proper opened between Port of Spain and Arima, a distance of about 16 miles (25 km), in 1876. It was constructed to standard (1435mm) gauge, as were subsequent railways on the island.

As with most Caribbean islands, the railways served the sugar cane industry, but in the case of Trinidad they also served the island’s unique asphalt extraction industry. By the end of the 19th century, the railway network extended to some 150 miles (240km). However, by the mid-20th century the railways were in decline; the last remaining line closed in 1968. A couple of steam locomotives remain on static exhibit in Port of Spain and San Fernando, and the former Port of Spain railway station building is now the headquarters of the state-owned bus operator PTSC.

In 2008 studies were initiated for the construction of two new commuter railways totalling over 100km in length serving the Port of Spain area. The project was discontinued in 2010.

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