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A small selection of the more unusual rocks and crystals that will be a particularly useful addition to a serious collection
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The information given here is intended for general guidance only. In particular, any information regarding the potential or possible healing properties of various stones should in no circumstances be regarded as a substitute for a consultation with a properly qualified practitioner.

Alexandrite A form of Chrysoberyl (beryllium aluminium oxide) having the unique property of appearing golden or greenish yellow in sunlight, but red or purple in artificial light. The best specimens, that exhibit this property strongly, command very high prices. Yields personal power, spirituality, one's personal "immortality", generosity, excellence, tolerance and peace of mind. Opens the Sahasrara Chakra. Promotes regeneration, expansiveness, creativity, and an awareness in the realm of manifestation. Used for centring, restoration of self-esteem, and alignment of the mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Used in the treatment of disorders of the liver, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, and testicles; for nervous diseases; and for disorders consequent upon leukaemia.
Aquamarine A blue-green variety of Beryl (beryllium aluminium silicate) Beryl represents purity in all aspects, on all planes. enables the realization of one's individual potential, the awareness that all obstacles can be overcome. Apart from these general properties, Aquamarine promotes courage, preparedness, gentleness and compassion. Taps into the annals of perfection for bodily well-being. A stone of ideal service to the World. Like all blue stones, stimulates the Vishudda Chakra. Used in the treatment of disorders of the throat (including swollen glands), eyes and teeth.
Celestine Also known as Celestite. Distinct crystals of beautiful pale greyish blue (strontium sulphate) Promotes clarity and the elimination of worry. An excellent gift, it carries with it the spirit of love and blessing. Generally beneficent in healing. Capable of transmuting pain and chaos into light and love.
Charoite A complex hydrated hydroxyfluorosilicate of sodium, calcium, barium and strontium, with admixtures of quartz and manganese. This magnificent deep purple banded rock, which has a particularly impressive appearance when polished, was until recent years virtually unknown outside Russia. It is now, deservedly, highly prized by collectors. The archetypal New Age stone. Mediates a synthesis between the Anahata and Sahasrara Chakras, combining higher spiritual dimensions with love from the physical plane. Promotes the understanding and acceptance of negative traits in others. Enables the transmutation of negativity and the grounding of the spiritual self. Promotes clarity and understanding, and leads one to ultimate association with the hidden universal Brotherhood of Light. Useful for balancing and aligning, for eliminating blockages and toxins from the body, and promoting general good health. Counteracts the effects of an excess of alcohol or of refined sugars. Regulates the pulse and the blood pressure.
Dioptase Hydrated copper silicate. It usually occurs as a layer of small, brilliant green crystals on a rocky substrate, a formation known to geologists as a druse. An excellent healing stone, which clears and stimulates the Chakras, invigorating and renewing their energies. It is naturally calming, by desensitizing the individual to pain and worry.
Herkimer Diamond The name sometimes given to a type of double terminated Quartz crystal. They are much sought after, and good specimens can command high prices. In addition to the properties of Quartz, Herkimer Diamonds provide a metaphysical degree of attunement, and the promise of a new start in life.
Jade Commonly pale green or white, sometimes darker green or other colours. May be composed of Jadeite (sodium aluminium silicate), Nephrite (a form of Amphibole, a complex aluminosilicate of magnesium, calcium, iron and other elements) or Transvaal Jade (a green variety of Grossular, a form of Garnet, calcium aluminium silicate). All forms of Jade promote expressiveness and intellect. They promote the regeneration of damaged organs, and the healing of wounds. Also used in treating disorders of the reproductive system.
Labradorite A form of plagioclase feldspar, calcium sodium aluminium silicate. At first sight, Labradorite might appear to be a rather dull, greenish or bluish grey rock, perhaps with darker bandings: until you see the flash. Labradorite exhibits a unique property, known as Schillerization, in which reflected light from just beneath the surface appears a beautiful, brilliant blue, which really brings the stone to life. The best display specimens are those that have been polished to make the best advantage of the blue flash. However, all Labradorites share the same essential metaphysical properties. Labradorite has been called the "Temple of the Stars", preparing one for one's ultimate destiny. Promotes evolution, advancement and the realization of goals. Relieves anxiety and apprehension. Yields patience, and the knowledge of the right time for things: "to every thing there is a season". Enables one to become the Being Of Light. Opens connectivity with other worlds. Used to treat disorders of the brain and the metabolism, aids digestion and eases stress. Has also been successfully used to remove warts.
Lepidolite A lithium rich mica, hydrated silicate of lithium, sodium and other elements. A beautiful pale grey rock with tiny pink, white and sparkling clear inclusions. Activates the higher Chakras and the intellect. Transforms the energies of lesser spiritual aspirations into the Universal energy of Light, Life and Love. Clears blockages. Smoothes the passage through transitions, and brings order out of disorder. Used in the treatment of agoraphobia, cramps, erratic blood flow and genetic disorders.
Moldavite Also known as Vltavine, a form of Tektite that is almost unique in having a clear, dark green colour instead of the more usual black. It was once thought that Tektites came from outer space, but it is now generally accepted that they are formed by meteoric impact melting local rocks and showering the debris over a wide area. However, the association of their production with meteoric activity means that they retain their properties of extraterrestrial connectivity. A pathway of interdimensional access to the highest Galactic energies, bringing higher thought forms and patterns through to the Earth plane. A multidimensional passage into other realms. Opens the Third Eye (at the Ajna centre) and leads to a universal connectedness. Messages may arrive from obscure sources. Promotes focus, and the directed access of energies.
Peridot A clear, yellowish green form of Olivine (magnesium iron silicate). Regulates the cycles on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and lifespan). Generally cleansing. Promotes openness and acceptance in loving relationships. Shields one from harmful external (though not internal) influences. Diminishes anger and jealousy. Heals injured pride. A general tonic. Use to treat disorders of the heart, lungs, spleen and intestine. Eases childbirth.
Turquoise An opaque stone of the familiar blue-green colour (hydrated copper aluminium phosphate hydroxide), often with banding of darker material. Aligns, heals and cleanses the Chakras and provides a grounding force. Strengthens the Silver Cord that ties the spirit to the body during deep meditation and astral travel. Paradoxically, the stronger this tie, the further away from the body the spirit is enabled to fly. Promotes valour and strength during astral travel. Protects against harmful astral influences and environmental pollutants. Heals the spirit and gives peace, balance, wisdom and understanding to the mind. Protects property. Protect against accidents. A master healer, its purifying energy is used to dispel negativity and strengthen the entire body. Used to treat eye disorders, especially cataracts. Promotes tissue regeneration. Improves poor circulation, disorders of the balance organs and difficulty with walking. Alleviates skin disorders brought on by stress.
Unakite An intriguing mottled pink, green and grey stone, a combination of feldspar, epidote and quartz. Emphasizes the consciousness of the present. Promotes the re-birthing process, gently releasing any inhibitions to growth. Balances and aligns the emotional body. Enables one to "go behind" the outward symptoms of dis-ease to clarify the underlying causes. Used in the treatment of disorders of the reproductive system.
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