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Artist’s Impression of the proposed King Hamad Causeway
Artist’s Impression of the proposed King Hamad Causeway

There are currently no railways in Bahrain.

In 2021, tenders were invited for the initial phase of a Metro network covering the built up areas of the island and connecting with the International Airport. The initial phase will be a 29km, 2 line system; a complete network of 109km with 4 lines is proposed.

Also expected to be put out to tender in 2021 or 2022 is a project for a 87km railway connecting the Bahrain capital, Manama, with the Saudi Arabian railway network. The railway would share the proposed 26km King Hamad Causeway and 10km bridge with a new road, paralleling the existing road only King Fahd Causeway between the two countries. A proposal for a similar, but much longer, causeway linking Bahrain with Qatar is not currently being pursued.

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Picture image from a press release by the Bahrain Ministry of Transport