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Traditional Timorese homes in Uatolari
Traditional Timorese homes in Uatolari.
This image is used as an illustration in the 2012 presentation of the proposed railway project

There are no railways in Timor-Leste at present, but it 2012 a plan was published for a proposed new railway network over 600km in extent.

The proposed network would be made up of a long east to west spine from Los Palos to Bobonaro, running mainly along the northern coast of the country; and two branches from this line crossing the peninsula to the southern coast: Baucau to Uatolari, and Dili to Betano. The railway would carry high class tourist services as well as local passenger services and freight.

Although no formal agreements have been signed, it is reported that the Timor-Leste government is keen to progress the project, with construction of an initial phase commencing as early as 2020.

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