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Tram 27 of Hong Kong Tramways
Tram no.27, a typical double deck tram of Hong Kong Tramways, at the Causeway Bay Road terminus

The former Britsh territory of Hong Kong (consisting of Hong Kong island, Kowloon and the New Territories) now forms part of China.

The first railway in Hong Kong was actually the Peak Tram, a funicular opened in 1888 to serve The Peak on Hong Kong Island. The first street tramway followed in 1904.

The standard gauge main line Kowloon Canton Railway, connecting what was then British territory with China, did not open until 1910. This line remained largely unchanged until the 1980s, since when several new light rail and heavy rail lines have been constructed within the territory. In 2007, operation of all these railways was concessed to MTR, with KCRC retaining ownership.

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