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Madura Steam Tramway
Train of the Madura Steam Tramway at an unidentified location.
The locomotive is an 0-6-0T built in 1898 by Hartmann of Chemnitz, Germany.

The first railway in Madura was opened in 1898 by the Madoera Stoomtram Maatschappij (Madura Steam Tram Company), from the port of Kamal, where there was a ferry connection with Surabaya, Java, to the city of Bangkalan. It was about 17km in length and built to 1067mm gauge.

By 1901, the line had been extended the whole length of the island by way of its major cities, as far as the port of Kalianget. The total length of the line was about 142km.

The line was severely damaged during World War II but subsequently restored. It finally closed in 1987.

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