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Papua is the name of the western part of the island of New Guinea, which is part of Indonesia. It should not be confused with the neighbouring country of Papua New Guinea. Confusingly, the name Papua is sometimes used to refer to the whole island. For this reason, Indonesian Papua is sometimes referred to as West Papua; but this itself is a potential source of confusion, as West Papua also refers to a Special Autonomous Region of Papua under the Indonesian government.

Map of proposed Trans-Papua
A map of the proposed Trans-Papua railway network.

In 2015, plans were published for a 1550km network of new standard (1435mm) gauge lines serving the island.

The first line, 390km from Sorong to Manokwari, was planned for completion in 2019. Although official ground breaking took place near Sansapor in 2017, it is believed that construction work did not start until late 2019. Completion of the line is currently anticipated for around 2024.

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