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North Macedonia

DMU of Macedonian Railways at Skopje station
A Chinese built class 711 DMU of Macedonian Railway Transport
(predecessor to North Macedonian Railways) standing at Skopje station.

The first railway in present day North Macedonia opened in 1873 between Solun and Skopje, part of a standard (1435mm) gauge line from Thessaloniki authorised by the Ottoman Empire.

The present day Macedonian network has international links with Greece, Kosovo and Serbia. Links to Bulgaria and Albania are proposed: in 2020, construction was approved for the first stage of the link with Albanian, a 63km extension from the existing terminal of Kičevo to Struga on the banks of Lake Ohrid. In 2022, contracts were let for the initial stages of the link with Bulgaria, which includes rehabilitation of the 31 km line from Kumanovo to Beljakovtse, currently out of use, and construction of 34km of new line from Beljakovtse to Kriva Palanka.

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