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KTM EMU at Pulau Sebang/Tampin
An intercity electric multiple unit of KTM at Pulau Sebang/Tampin station.
The train is class 93, number 203, built by CSR Zhuzhou in China.

The first railway in what was then Malaya opened in 1885 between Taiping and Port Weld, a distance of just 12km. It was contructed to metre gauge, which formed the basis for development of all subsequent lines in the country.

An extensive network now serves most parts of mainland Malaysia. A line operated by KTM runs across the border into Singapore. There is also an international connection with Thailand. A cross-border light rail link is planned to connect with the Metro system of Singapore.

A new 640km standard (1435mm) gauge main line is planned, which will give improved connectivity for cities on the east coast of the country.

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