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Train of the CFF Moldovița at Gura Timotei
764-431 hauls a private charter passenger train on the CFF Moldovița at Gura Timotei.

The first railway in Romania was opened in the Banat area by the Austrian Empire in 1854. The 62.5km standard (1435mm) gauge line ran between Oraviţa and Baziaş and was built primarily for the transport of coal. Subsequent railway development in the country was primarily standard gauge but there were also a number of narrow gauge railways, in particular 760mm gauge railways serving the forestry industry. One of these is still active as a forestry railway, and also runs a tourist passenger service; several others continue to operate as tourist railways.

The present day standard gauge network consists of over 10000 route km. There are trams in various cities and a metro in the capital, Bucureşti.

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