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Steam hauled train on the Šargan Eight heritage railway
Steam hauled passenger train on the narrow gauge Šargan Eight heritage railway.
The photograph is taken from a third level of the railway line, above the two seen in the picture.

In 1854, the Austro-Hungarian Empire opened a horse drawn railway line from Lisava to Bazijas. It was converted to locomotive traction in 1856. Although both towns are in present day Romania, about 27km of the line fell within present day Serbia. Only a short stretch remains in use today.

The primary railway development in Serbia itself commenced in 1884 with the opening of the 271km line from Beograd to Niš. It was constructed to standard (1435mm) gauge. Subsequent railway development used a variety of gauges, a complex situation which was only gradually resolved during the reconstruction of the then Yugoslavia following the Second World War.

Serbia has international rail links with Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Romania. A short section of the line from Belgrade to Bijelo Polje, Montenegro, passes through Bosnia with a station at Štrpci, but has no connection with other railways in Bosnia.

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