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Museum Train near Most na Soči
Museum Train near Most na Soči

An early wagonway with wooden rails using a combination of gravity and manpower to move wagons carrying timber is recorded around 1820 near the town of Idrija. Although earlier wagonways (and indeed railways) are recorded elsewhere in connection with mineral operations, the Idrija line may represent the first dedicated forestry railway in the world.

The first public railway in present day Slovenia came with the opening in 1846 of the 130km standard (1435mm) gauge line from Graz (Austria) to Celje, part of a line that would eventually link Vienna to Trieste.

The present day Slovenian Railways is a modern network with electrified main lines and high speed passenger trains on major corridors. They are also proud of their heritage and operate a museum train on a number of scenic routes.

There are international connections with Austria, Croatia and Italy.

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