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Inaugural train on the Lomé to Aflao railway
The inaugural train on the railway between Lomé and Aflao, Ghana.

The first railway in Togo opened in 1905 between Lome (Lomé) and Anecho (Aného), a distance of 45km. The gauge chosen was metre gauge, typical for a German colonial railway of the time. The same gauge was used for subsequent expansion.

The state railway system of Togo closed in 1999, and with it all passenger services ceased. A section of line between Lomé and Blitta remained in use to serve a cement works until the early 20th century. A privately owned railway serving phosphate mines remains in use.

In early 2014, a new 20km metre gauge railway opened between Lomé and Adétikopé, the first section of a line to Cinkassé on the border with Burkina Faso. Later the same year, a 3km branch was opened from Lomé to Aflao, Ghana.

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