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Train of the RFR Tunis
Inaugural train of the RFR suburban network in Tunis.
The train is a Hyundai Rotem EMU originally built for the Sahel Metro.

The first railway in Tunisia was a standard gauge line opened in 1872 between Tunis and La Marsa, a distance of about 19km. The line is now the TGM suburban railway operated by Transtu.

The national network in the coastal region to the north of the country was developed in standard gauge, but a much larger network of metre gauge lines served the eastern coast and penetrated the interior. The standard gauge network has an international connection with Algeria for freight only.

Passenger trains serve the majority of major towns, with suburban services around Tunis and the Sahel. That in the Tunis area has been enhanced by a new rapid rail network, the first line of which opened in 2023.

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