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Removal of the Papeete Post Office building
The building of the Papeete Post Office being transported by rail to a new site in 1902.

Tahiti is one of the Iles de la Société (Society Islands) of French Polynesia.

In 1885, a 600mm gauge railway was proposed on the island of Tahiti which would have run from the capital, Papeete, for about 45km along the west coast of the island to Papeuriri (present day Mataiea). It would have transported vanilla for export from plantations along the route. Construction was approved but never commenced.

In 1886, a steeply inclined 600mm gauge railway operated for a short period during the construction of a water tower at Faaiere, near Papeete.

Around 1891 an order was placed for 15km of 600mm gauge track and associated rolling stock. It would appear that this was used to construct a railway between Papeete and Puna'auia, conveying goods to and from the various wharfs and warehouses. It was accessible to the public, with a tax on its use imposed by the local government. Small trolleys were hand propelled or horse drawn. It ceased operation early in the 20th century.

In 1902, the Post Office in Papeete was to be transferred to a new site. The entire building was lifted up and placed on trolleys running on a temporary 600mm gauge railway to enable the move.

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