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DSB IC4 diesel multiple unit at København H
Ansaldo Breda IC4 diesel multiple unit at København H forming a regional service to Aarhus.

The first railway in Denmark opened in 1847 between København and Roskilde, a distance of 30km. It was built to standard (1435mm) gauge. Most subsequent development was to this gauge.

Denmark has international rail connections with Germany and Sweden. Historically, some of these connections were provided by train ferries, as were some of the internal connections between the various Danish islands. All the ferries have since ceased operating and have been, or in the case of the Fehmarnbelt crossing will be in the next few years, replaced by bridge or tunnel fixed links.

National and International Railways

Fehmarnbelt / Femern Sund Bælt

Local Passenger Operators

Metro and trams

Tourist Railways

Skinnecykler (Cyclorail, Draisines)

Pedal powered trolleys on rail lines

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